Crosses and Alcoves

Within Alcalá’s urban areas, interesting symbols of enshrinement have survived through time from the Middle Ages to the current day. The most remarkable in our case, are the uncountable number of crosses which mark the entrances to the city, the crossroads, or the Borough’s boundaries. They are adorned on the first Sunday of May every year, and this decoration is very interesting.  Other examples of popular devotion are the alcoves dedicated to the advocacy of San José (Saint Joseph) - one in Calle Oteros (Oteros Street) and another in Calle Abad Palomino (Abad Palomino Street), - who is worshiped on 19th March with a very popular open-air celebration. The Alcalá brotherhood bands parade during the evening known as the “Night of Drums”. There is also an alcove at the junction of Llanete del Conde with Calle Real, in honour of Santa Ana (Saint Ana).

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