Lugares de interés

La Pedriza Astronomical Observatory

The southern mountain range of Jaén was catalogued as a Starlight Reserve in 2014.

Alcalá Olive Museum

This is an exhibition area which brings the visitor closer to the culture and traditions of the olive groves.


This is one of the Borough’s most characteristic urban images.

The Royal Patronage Abbey

The Alcalá la Real Abbey, which survived for five centuries since its foundation in 1341 by Alfonso XI until the Concordat in 1851, was a secular A

The King’s Spring

The name reveals that this must have been the area where the troops of King Alfonso XI established themselves during the siege of the La Mota

Moor Woman’s Spring

Opposite the Compás de Consolación (Consolation Compass) is the Fuente de la Mora (Moor Woman’s Spring) which takes its name from the local legend

Crosses and Alcoves

Within Alcalá’s urban areas, interesting symbols of enshrinement have survived through time from the Middle Ages to the current day.