Domus Herculana

These are the city’s most important Roman archaeological remains which are found in the courtyard of the Tejuela social building.

A small marble statue of Hercules can be seen in this area, discovered at the end of the XIX Century, and which became part of the Roman Art Collection of the National Archaeolgocial Museum in Madrid, in 1925. The head of a faun and a high-relief of Hercules with a dog were found during the last excavations carried out, and these are now housed in the museum at the Abacial Palace.

The superimposition of different occupancy levels can be seen in the settlement. This settlement, from the high-imperial era, would be destroyed at least twice: firstly, at the end of the second half of the III Centry B.C. (260 – 269) due to a big fire; and secondly, during the IV Century, after the era of Emperor Constantine I.

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