Historical Center

The urban expansion, outside the walls, since the end of the 15th century, is done following the layout of the main access road to the fortress, towards the most important part.


The  "calle Real", works as axis of expansion towards the natural corridor that meets the Llanillo and becomes the center of the city.

The urban nucleus of Alcalá el Real was declared an Artistic Historic Site in 1967, due to its great monumental and artistic richness, formed by churches, convents, hermitages and palaces, which you will discover along the way.

The city becomes an example of urban rationalist plot, with the predominance of longitudinal axes that adapt to the orography of the land and that give it a symmetry typical of contemporary urbanism. The most significant civil buildings are those that correspond to the regional architecture of the first s.XX and are in the environment of Pilar de la Mora and Llanillo.

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